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Welcome to Putty...

At Putty, we sculpt YOUR systems and processes into a masterpiece of efficiency, then we wrap training and support around you to ensure success.

Putty is your guide to improving your personal, professional, and business capability.

By your side, we will take one step at a time alongside you, because we understand change is scary, overwhelming, and exciting.

At Putty, we create lifelong relationships with our clients whether they are individuals or businesses, to provide whatever they need at each stage of their journey.

About us...

Our Mission

Putty is dedicated to encouraging individuals and businesses to mould themselves into their ultimate potential. It’s simple really… our mission is to help people!

Our Vision

Our vision is to stand as the core pillar of support, guiding individuals and businesses on their paths to self-improvement.

Through unparalleled support, advice, and wraparound training, we seek to cultivate enduring relationships, where our clients are part of our extended family.

Our values

Persistence: we are determined, we always strive for better.
Unexpected: we embrace the unexpected, in this fast-moving world we are agile and adapt to the changing need of our clients.
Trusted Partner: Integrity is important, we are honest & accountable.
Training: we are lifelong learners; you can think of us as knowledge sponges.
You: we have respect for everyone, regardless of your race, gender, age, background, and experiences.

Our team...

Amber McNamara

Managing Director

Vanessa Jones


Kara Fielding


Jyn Cunningham


Brian Dawson


Amy Bryant


Marie Edge



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